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Android Moreover, this free movie app for android is downloaded by more than 1 million users just from play store. Best thing of this movie app is that it has more than 40, titles from which you can watch your favorite movie and that too for free. Download TubiTV Free Movies Free Movies is one of free movie apps for android which has more than 10 million downloads from Google Play Store.
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15 Best Free Movie Apps for Android

Android Moreover, this free movie app for android is downloaded by more than 1 million users just from play store. Best thing of this movie app is that it has more than 40, titles from which you can watch your favorite movie and that too for free. Download TubiTV Free Movies Free Movies is one of free movie apps for android which has more than 10 million downloads from Google Play Store.

Moreover, this app is especially for android users who are still using old version android phones like Android GingerBread, Ice cream sandwich etc. I am damn sure that if you are having old android phone you must be facing low internal storage problem too. This movie is best for you in this case too as size of this movie app is just KB. Unlike other movie apps for android, there is no need to install any flash player in your android phone to play free movies online as Free Movies app uses HTML 5 technology for free movie streaming.

Download Free Movies Big Star Movies Here comes another free movie app for android with more than 1 million downloads. It is one of free android movie app which provides free movie streaming in tons of movie categories like documentary films, foreign films.

Though, each and every movie listed in this app is not free but still there are hundreds of titles which you can watch for free without adding any credit card information.

Though, this app is free to use but if you want to access full catalog of this app, then you have to signup to their premium plan which costs 4. Download Big Star Movies Yidio It is one of the best movie apps for android but the reason we listed this app on 11th position is that it is available for few devices currently.

Watching free movies on your android phone with the help of Yidio is very easy due to its good navigation menu. There are many free movies and TV shows in this android app but for some movies and TV shows, you have to buy or rent those movies.

Yidio has its request movie option too using which you can request any movie. Download Yidio App: For iOS Popcornflix Popcornflix is a new android to watch free movies which has more than movies in their database currently. Moreover, they are updating their movies database quite frequently so that you can enjoy latest movies for free on your android phone. You can watch as much movies you want without any kind of restriction on this android app. Movies of almost every genre is available in this android app, so that you can enjoy your favorite movies without any kind of problem.

Download Popcornflix This app has huge database of movies of almost every genre. Along with movies, you can also find many TV shows in this app. Moreover, there are some exceptional features present in the Movie HD app too like Chromecast with the help of which you can easily stream movies on your television without any need of HDMI or any other port. I recommend all of my readers to try this movie streaming app for android. You can download Apk file of this app from the download link below.

Download Movie HD Apk Kodi Kodi is not exactly a movie streaming app for Android as it is managed by a non-profit organisation. So you can use this app to stream movies on larger screen on your Television. Note that you need to download movies from movie download sites to stream it on bigger screen.

Download Kodi In other words, it is an ultimate video streaming app for Android using which you can stream almost every kind of media on your Android phone. The only disadvantage with this Android app is that it does not allow us to watch every streaming media in HD quality but this app is still worth trying. Download Mobdro Apk Dailymotion Dailymotion is one of the most popular video streaming sites but due to fewer restrictions of piracy, you can find almost every movie app on this streaming website.

So you can download official Dailymotion android app from the Play Store to stream free movies for free on your Android phone. You can easily switch between different streaming qualities too and you can find almost every movie in p quality.

Download Dailymotion SnagFilms SnagFilms is one of the best movie streaming sites which has huge list of movies from different genres, documentaries, TV Shows etc. Though, you need to create a free account on the official website first, before you can start watching movies. Download SnagFilms Netflix Heard about Netflix before? Well it is the best streaming site on which you can watch latest movies, TV series, Animes with best possible experience as there are no crappy advertisements or any buffering issues.

Netflix charges a nominal fee of few dollars but you can avail their days free trial using virtual credit card. Download Netflix Hubi Hubi is one of best android movie app by which let you stream online movies, tv channels and much more. Even the downloading is considerably faster since it collects the downloads and provide you their server links.

Overall, Hubi is another app that resonate with your movie needs, that what I recommend. Recently, Hubi got many hosters of their movies, so you can expect multiple streaming links of each movie which you want to watch. Currently, they have 39 hosters. Though, there are some ads in free version but you can remove them anytime after paying a small fee. In this individual situation, we need best apps to make our more accessible in our routines.

Among the various smartphone use, entertainment is something everyone would crave for. It was all about best movie apps for android All of android movie apps listed above are completely free to use and you can watch free movies online on your android phone without paying single cent.

What do you think which is best movie app for android in above list of best android movie apps.? We would like to listen about it in comments below. Be generous, if this article helped you one or other way, feel free to share with your friends and relatives, so that let them know!

Top Free Android Movie / TV Show Streaming Apps

Apps to Watch/ Download Movies on Android free? With these best movie apps , you’ll no longer have to run to the theatre every time you. Need to download a movie to pass the time? Here are the best free movie download apps for Android that can help with that. There are free Apps to watch movies on Android phone and tablet. The app will support to stream movie to big screen TV through.

40 Best Android Movie Apps to Stream Free Movies (September 2019)

Dedicated app. VidMix Rather than hosting videos on just a few servers, VidMix extends its horizons to even the likes of YouTube, Dailymotion and many more. Therefore, not only it is a hub for famous movies and seasons, but for web series, YouTube episodes and much more. Even though it does not make much of a difference, it is nice to have an option where all content is available in just one app. Works with multiple media servers around the globe.

8: Morph TV

No Registration or Subscription is required. No advertisement popups. User-Friendly The app is great in design and incredibly simple to use.

VIDEO REVIEW: 5 of the Best Free Movie Apps for Android – Make Tech Easier

To help with finding the best free movie apps to stream and download, We curated the best iOS Android apps where you can stream free movies. Good movie apps for android phones make watching movies a lot easier as they provide a complete directory. Because of some of the best. Though we provide Onebox hd app from our side, we want to help our app lovers with other good movie apps. There was a time when our desktop or laptop was.

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