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A lot of the functionality of the Rekordbox DJ software is locked away. Keep reading for the details! Other functions can only be mapped in an impractical way.
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A lot of the functionality of the Rekordbox DJ software is locked away. Keep reading for the details! Other functions can only be mapped in an impractical way. All that means the only FX controls that feel comfortable to use are the ones integrated in the Pioneer DJ controllers and mixers. I found the best solution by looking into the native mappings of the Pioneer DJ. The result can be seen in this video: If you have an RMX and want to use it in the same way, you can download from the DJ Techtools mapping repository a package with: Update the unit to the latest firmware v2.

Make sure you are using channel 1 for MIDI data. If you want something similar to the hardware, define there different Roll FX variations. You will need to own the RMX expansion pack for Rekordbox, the mapping is made to work with that effects, which are the same that come with the hardware unit. Otherwise the mapping will work but the FXs that you will control will be different from the ones in the RMX Import the.

Additionally you can also load to the sampler the included. You can also control the Release FX with the switch of the hardware unit although Rekordbox only allows to use an encoder for that.

You will find a visual PDF guide inside the package explaining how the mapping works. The main difference with how the RMX works is in the isolator controls, which in the mapping are set to control FX because there is no isolator in Rekordbox. The right side controls and the sampler controls work almost the same way. Feel free to try to fix that and upload your variation! The most useful thing about this article for many readers might not be the package above, but rather the concept behind it.

You can make use of the same hidden mapping commands with any controller. CSV files and the structure of a mapped command Rekordbox uses. The information of the mapped commands is stored in lines of code with the following structure: Every needed data is separated by commas and always follows the same order.

There must be always 14 commas, and you can put the info between them, but there is no need to fill every space between commas as some data is not required or necessary with all the mappable functions.

The data must be set the following way: In the first two spaces between commas you have write the name of the command and the function which controls. The third space is for setting the type of control you are going to use. The following space is for writing down the MIDI command in hex format. This is the input command. Remember one thing: MIDI channels are expressed substracting -1 to the number you want to write, so if you want to set MIDI channel number 1, you have to write 0.

As in the input command, the following four spaces are for setting the different MIDI channels for each deck just in case the command needs that. The following space is for options. The last space is just for commenting, you can write whatever you want here. If you look into a. That symbol indicates that the full line is a comment and has no effect on the mapping function.

For editing. Of course it can be used as FXSelect. Down for the FX bank 2. This command allows direct selection of an FX writing down in capital letters the name of the FX after the dot, and eliminating spaces in the name of the FX. Selects AND activates an FX, as the previous command you have to write the name of the FX after the dot in capital letters and w7ithout spaces.

Enables the FX unit only while you are pushing the mapped button or pad. Work in a similar way as the previous commands left and right are fort left and right assigned crossfader channels but behave a bit different because those commands need to be mapped to a button that acts like a switch.

The options of the commands You can set some options at the penultimate space between commas, I have decoded some of those options. Some commands are hidden by default and this option is not needed. Try to experiment. You can also experiment with this one. As I explained in the previous section, the FXOn. Bome MIDI Translator as a helper One of the problems I mentioned at the beginning of the article is that for many functions, Rekordbox needs to be mapped to a button that sends two different commands every time you want to activate or deactivate: If your controller only sends one message with every button push, you can use MIDI Translator to generate two or more messages with every single message you send.

The first of every pair of translators must send the same message, but the second one must send the inverse message e. Experiment By Yourself! With all the commands detailed above, you can create complex FX mappings with Rekordbox. Remember that after editing and saving the file, you have to re-import the. Of course you can look for more hidden mapping commands and share them with the community. First you can look inside the native Pioneer mappings, you will find them here: In macOS: All the official mappings are there.

In Windows You will find more commands using an hex editor and looking inside the Rekordbox binary. Open it with HexFiend. Hope you can use all this as inspiration for making new creative and crazy FX mappings, or if you want you can also try to make a variation of the RMX mapping it can be done much better. The final point is that your creativity never must be stopped by the limits some brands put in their products.

In the end, we are the product buyers, and we have the right to use those products with freedom.

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